Ancel Glink wrote the book on Illinois municipal law.

Ancel Glink serves as the primary village, city, or town attorney for many municipalities across the state. We also serve as special counsel to municipalities that need our assistance on special projects or matters, including serving as special labor counsel, defending litigation matters, or providing specialized land use services.  We have represented communities with less than 5,000 residents and those with over 100,000 residents, both throughout the Chicago area and downstate through the services of our central Illinois office located in Bloomington.  

We frequently conduct workshops and seminars for our general and special counsel municipal clients, including governing board workshops and training sessions, and other board and committee advisory sessions on new matters of widespread concern.  When new state or federal legislation is passed, our clients are fully briefed on the impact, as well as creative approaches for compliance.

Ancel Glink lawyers regularly lecture on a variety of local government topics at seminars and workshops throughout Illinois and around the country.  Ancel Glink’s collective experience in municipal law is also reflected in our attorneys’ contributions to various local, state, and national publications, including significant contributions to several of the chapters that comprise the four volume Illinois Municipal Law Series, published by IICLE and edited by our partner, Stewart H. Diamond.  The popular Illinois Municipal Handbook published by the Illinois Municipal League is written entirely by Ancel Glink attorneys and has become the most valuable resource for local government officials and employees across the state.  For more information about our publications and presentations, visit our Resource Center