Ancel Glink offers advocacy, consulting and drafting services for telecommunications law.

Ancel Glink attorneys have negotiated dozens of cellular antenna ground leases. Our experience helps us understand the demands of cellular companies and the pitfalls which can arise when leases or rental rights are sold or assigned. We can also assist communities through the treacherous landscape of federal laws regulating local authority to zone cellular antennas.

Now that Illinois has adopted a state-wide franchising scheme for cable and video services Ancel Glink can help your community be prepared for new entrants in the video market. New laws contain important services and payments that do not become enforceable by default, so local governments must know what to request and when to request it. We can help keep your ordinances up-to-date so you are ready for when a new provider offers competition to your incumbent cable operator.

One area of law that has received a lot of attention following the change in cable franchising rules is right-of-way management. Making sure your right-of-way ordinance is up to date is an important step in protecting the aesthetics and welfare of your community. Find out what other ordinances can be adopted to further control the location of large utility facilities.

  • Assist in the drafting of model cable/video regulatory ordinances for the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus.
  • Assist with the drafting of a model cable franchise agreement for the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus.
  • Draft and negotiate numerous cellular tower leases and other agreements.