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Ancel Glink‚Äôs election attorneys provide advice to candidates, politicians and political parties on all aspects of election law. Our representation includes ballot access, nomination papers, campaign finance disclosures, objections, electoral boards, local election officials, election contests and recounts, campaign ethics, hearing officer and political parties. 

We represent candidates for local governmental offices, including municipal, park district, township, school districts, library boards and community colleges, as well as judicial candidates and candidates for special districts. We also represent political parties, political organizations, political action committees, and referendum committees. 

Our attorneys prepare nomination papers and petitions, assess potential challenges to opponents, review nomination paperwork, provide advice regarding campaign finance disclosure obligations, and create political action committees. We appear before electoral boards, and serve as public members on electoral boards when appointed by chief judges of the court. Our attorneys also hold or have held elected political office, including county, municipal, library and township offices.

Ancel Glink defends candidates whose nomination papers are challenged before electoral boards. We also represent objectors challenging candidates who have filed deficient nomination papers. Our attorneys frequently represent and advise electoral boards in all aspects of their proceedings.

In addition, we represent the Municipal Clerks of Illinois, as well as municipal clerks, township clerks, school board secretaries and park district secretaries in their important roles as local election officials.

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