Labor Relations

Ancel Glink’s representation in labor relations matters spans the state, as well as the myriad of issues that arise in unionized workplaces.

Our attorneys are ready to assist in providing informational publications to educate employees during organizing campaigns, as well as representing employers through the union petition process with special attention given to ensure that employees who are ineligible for representation are appropriately excluded from representation. Our goals in collective bargaining are to achieve a contract that meets the employer’s needs and provides the most flexibility possible for managers without destroying the sometimes delicate workplace atmosphere among both union and non-union staff. We advise on both the employer’s legal obligations as well as practical solutions in bargaining, including consideration of agreements of comparable workplaces as well as proven successful contract provisions. Our representation continues once a contract is in place with advice on contract enforcement and interpretation, including training of supervisors and department heads on managing with a collective bargaining agreement. When grievances arise, we work closely with our clients to either resolve the dispute or prevail in the grievance process to achieve the correct decision on contract interpretation. If the labor practices of our clients receive a union challenge, we vigorously defend these unfair labor practices before the State, Educational and National Labor Relations Boards.

The following are a few examples of our practice in labor relations:

  • Provide educational information and led discussions with employees on the impact of a unionized work place, including information of the bargaining process. 
  • Successfully excluded ineligible employees from representation petitions thereby ensuring greatest flexibility to clients.
  • Advise clients on department organization and duty assignments to ensure managerial, supervisory and confidential status of employees.
  • Conduct collective bargaining for initial and successor agreements, including advising clients on legal obligations in the process as well as creative solutions in negotiations.
  • Successfully advocated employers’ positions in interest arbitration.
  • Successfully represented employers in grievances on a wide variety of issues ranging from subcontracting, to discipline and discharge.
  • Advised employers on layoff of union employees and elimination of union work.