Fire Protection Districts

Ancel Glink is a long time friend of the fire service in Illinois.

Our attorneys help fire protection districts, whether big or small, volunteer, full time or combination, solve any number of problems involved in the operation of a fire station. In addition, our attorneys have decades of experience providing advice and assistance to chiefs and boards of trustees to control district affairs and the provision of fire prevention. We help our clients develop solutions for managing and providing for the financial support of their district, including the levying of taxes, budget and appropriations and identifying other sources of revenue. 

We assist fire protection districts in resolving issues involving annexation, consolidation, disconnection and dissolution of fire protection districts, and our attorneys creatively solve complicated workers compensation and litigation issues. When there is a fire service issue that needs to be resolved quickly and creatively, fire protection districts think Ancel Glink. Ancel Glink produces a pamphlet on financial issues relating to fire protection districts and fire departments, which is published by the Northern Alliance.