From the perspective of a library user, the operation of a library seems a serene endeavor involving comfortable buildings available for the public to read or research with a treasure trove of content.

Behind the scenes, however, and seldom appreciated by the public, are the legal issues faced by the professional staff of the library and its elected or appointed officials who are devoted to continuing the success of this community service. 

Ancel Glink represents a number of library districts and boards throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.  The firm offers its library clients attorneys with expertise in a variety of practice areas, including public finance, employment, construction and corporate concerns while counseling the library about the library's regular day-to-day business. Because the firm represents many kinds of governmental bodies, we offer special expertise when conflicts occur between governments or when intergovernmental agreements can result in mutual benefits.

Ancel Glink attorneys wrote the Financial Manual for Illinois Public Library Districts and Boards, available through the Illinois Library Association. We are proud to offer this manual to assist library trustees and library staff interested in learning more about the financial management tools for their libraries. The manual outlines the budgeting and levying process of Illinois libraries, and also provides guidance related to personnel, construction and liability issues. Although the manual cannot supply the answer to every question about library finance, it is a good source for initial reference and investigation. The firm is also a frequent contributor to the ILA's journal, the Reporter, and speaks at the annual ILA Conference.