Ancel Glink attorneys understand that pro-active approaches to employment matters often avoid costly litigation.

When employers provide training for super­visors, as well as staff, it results in smoother operations, better administration and enforce­ment of work rules, fewer claims, and better defenses to those claims. We offer a number of specialized training programs for supervisors and staff to help you meet those goals.

We recognize that every workplace is different and the most effective supervisor and staff training is that which addresses the specific needs of the workplace. Ancel Glink offers training that is tailor made for your work­place needs. We will work with you to cus­tomize your training program to include any of the various topics on which we train, to create a program that targets the needs of your workplace. The workplace issues for which we offer training include the following:

  • Sexual Harassment
  • FLSA and Avoiding Overtime Claims
  • Discipline and Discharge
  • Conducting Valuable Performance Evaluations
  • Proper Enforcement of Work Rules
  • Handling the Difficult Employee
  • What to Keep in Personnel Files
  • Avoiding Discrimination in the Workplace
  • Conducting Defensible Internal Investigations
  • Do's and Don'ts During a Union Campaign
  • Special Workplace Issues for Police and Fire Personnel
  • How to Keep Job Candidates from Becoming Future Litigants
  • Coordinating FMLA, Workers Compensation and Other Leave Benefits
  • ADA Compliance in the Workplace
  • Privacy Issues in the Workplace

In addition to the above programs we will also develop training to meet an employer's special needs.