Business/Commercial Practice

Ancel Glink's litigation team represents a wide variety of business organizations, from closely-held companies and municipal insurance pools to Fortune 500 multinational corporations.

Our experienced litigators resolve disputes through arbitration, mediation, settlement, or trial. We often implement alternative dispute resolution measures, including mediation and arbitration, resulting in substantial reductions of total litigation costs.

We defend cases seeking damages or non-monetary relief, such as a restraining orders, injunctions, and declaratory judgments. We also advise our business clients on litigation avoidance and risk management.

Ancel Glink’s litigators work on complex coverage issues on behalf of insureds and insurers, including:

  • additional insured endorsements
  • indemnity agreements
  • environmental and pollution exclusions
  • coverage triggers
  • personal injury and advertising injury provisions
  • arson
  • rescission
  • other insurance clauses

Our business practice also includes construction cases. We represent owners, contractors, architects and engineers in cases involving construction site accidents, construction manager liability, liens, delays, extras, faulty workmanship and bonds. The firm also litigates indemnity and insurance rights on behalf of our construction clients.