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Newly Elected Officials Guide 2021 Released! (2/26/2021)
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Quorum Forum 49: Not in my Park! Regulating Controversial Park Activities (2/4/2021)
Park agencies manage many acres of public space where sometimes controversial activities take place. What authority does your organization have to regulate protests, public art, and more, while respecting the individual rights of park patrons? Find out as Adam Simo...
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Congratulations Chris Welch! (1/13/2021)
We congratulate Emmanual "Chris" Welch on his historic selection as the Speaker of the House.  Our first interaction with Chris was as our client.  He was running in his first election, for school board, and was locked out of the building when he tried to file his...
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QUORUM FORUM 48: 20 QUESTIONS FOR 2021 (1/12/2021)
Local governments will face questions about vaccines, virtual meetings, cannabis licenses, and more in 2021. Ancel Glink’s Jaime Such and Rain Montero join us to answer those questions and more to help you prepare for the new year. What are your local governmen...
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