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Local Government Procurement (5/2/2019)
It’s Quorum Forum podcast’s first birthday party! We’re celebrating with David Warner and recent annexation cases from Municipal Minute. Then, Derke Price reviews what newly (and not-so-newly) elected officials need to know about local government procurement. Questions a...
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Krafthefer to Paricipate in Roundtable (5/1/2019)
Keri-Lyn Krafthefer will be participating in a roundtable on “Challenge Responsibilities - What Election Commissions Can Do to Help Prevent Useless Challenges” with Adam Lasker, General Counsel for the Chicago Board of Elections and Ken Menzel, General Counsel for the Illinois State Board of Elections before the Illinois Association of Election Commission Officials of Illinois on May 2, 2019 in Bloomington, IL. 
Newly Elected Officials Guide Released! (4/23/2019)
The 2019 Newly Elected Officials Guide has been officially released! You can find it here
Arbor Day Special! (4/18/2019)
Make like a tree and leaf your headphones on for our Quorum Forum Arbor Day Special! Brandon Naser and Joe Hansen of Park Ridge's Forestry Division discuss Arbor Day in the City, and the important benefits trees provide the community. They also share important tree-sources ...
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Defending Malicious Prosecution Claims (4/4/2019)
Prosecutions are on the agenda, as Aaron Bitterman joins us from Ancel Glink Defense E-News (emus?) with new and proposed rules affecting ordinance enforcement for local governments. Then, experienced litigator and former prosecutor Kathy Kunkle discusses ways local governm...
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