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Tiny Homes (3/8/2019)
Tiny homes are a big trend, and Kurt Asprooth joins our regular meeting to discuss local regulations for these unique structures; but first John Reding and Ancel Glink's "In the Zone" land use newsletter bring us the latest on recreational cannabis proposals in Illinoi...
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APA-CMS Bar Exam Planning Law Session (3/4/2019)
Join Ancel Glink’s Quorum Forum podcast for a special meeting recorded at the live at Haymarket Pub & Brewery from the APA-CMS Bar Exam Planning Law Session, a realistic law school simulation for planners and land use professionals hosted by the American Planning Associ...
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Silver Tsunami! (2/8/2019)
The "Silver Tsunami" has arrived for employers and local governments, so management of increasing numbers of older employees is on the agenda. Matt DiCianni joins us from Ancel Glink's Workplace Report to discuss the latest age discrimination cases. Then, Jim Rock talks ret...
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