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Can I Be Fired for Protesting? (7/2/2020)
Timely issues affecting public and private employers are on the agenda for the latest episode of Ancel Glink's Quorum Forum podcast. MattDiCianni discusses whether employees risk discipline at work for participating in recent protests. Then,...
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Bells That Can't Be Unrung After COVID-19 (6/18/2020)
Polco/NRC recently assembled local government partners from across the country for the “Forward Together: Virtual Conference for Local Government.” Ancel Glink's Daniel J. Bolin proudly represented Engaging Local Government Leaders (ELGL) and discussed emergen...
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Local Gov Legislation with Rep. Chris Welch (6/5/2020)
The Illinois General Assembly recently concluded a socially-distanced special session unlike any other, sending lots of legislation affection local governments to the Governor. Ancel Glink partner and State Rep. Chris Welch joins us to discuss local government funding,...
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